Firing Arcs?

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Firing Arcs? Empty Firing Arcs?

Post  simmons3051 on Tue Jul 29, 2014 2:24 am


I just came across this game via a TMP post, and am very much interested.  I've read most of the material on the website(involving the Engage rules) and read through the battle report on the blog.  I just have a question, that I don't think I saw an answer for in any of the reading, but do the ships have firing arcs?  I noticed on the ship cards there are front/rear shields, but I didn't see anything regarding a firing arc or how to determine LOS..etc..?  If I missed this, apologies, please point me in the right direction!!!   Very Happy 

EDIT- "Yes, I'm very much new to the forums btw!!! Very Happy"


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Firing Arcs? Empty Re: Firing Arcs?

Post  Ben Greenman on Tue Jul 29, 2014 3:10 am

Howdy Brian!

Thanks for your interest in the game.

Engage uses a simple system for LoS and fire arcs. Fire arcs are 180* - so you can shoot anything forward of your centre line, and anything hitting you from behind your centre line is against your Rear.

As for objects blocking LoS; it can't happen, but each "object" (ship, asteroid,etc) in the path of your attack makes your target 1pt harder to hit (i.e. -1).

I hope this helps - anything else please drop us a message!

Happy gaming,
Ben Greenman
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