A big hello and a few rules of the forum!

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A big hello and a few rules of the forum! Empty A big hello and a few rules of the forum!

Post  CraigMB on Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:55 am

Hi All,
Welcome to the Red Wyvern Games forum! Our place for you to chat and discuss our games and other things besides!
why not post a quick hello, tell us who you are, where you're from and what games your playing! -Both Ours and others!? we love to know who's out there playing out games and what sort of gaming background you're coming from!

A couple of 'rules';
- Act like an adult - Remember that your audience includes people of all ages (including children) and from diverse cultures.
- No Trolling - Any one that the Mods suspect of trolling will get a warning, future offences will result in the BanHammer.
- No Flaming - Starting a topic on a controversial issue is fine, as long as the topic is in good taste and in the appropriate
forum. However, deliberately trying to "stir up" acrimony by provocative or offensive posts is trolling (see the Troll Rule)

- Politics Rule - No discussion of politics, it invariably leads to disagreement.
- Religion Rule - No discussion of Religion, again, it invariably leads to disagreement.

- Mods Rule - The moderators are the final arbiters of disagreement, what they say goes. Else lies the BanHammer.
- Common Sense - Use it, if you think your post it likely to cause a problem, then don't post it!

Now that frightful business is out of the way, Welcome, enjoy your stay!

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