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Post  CraigMB on Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:25 am

Name: Baccus 6mm
Web Address:

Website: It's a nice simple site, very well arranged compared to some of the other smaller modelling company sites, easy to navigate, it does suffer from the problem of most of these smaller companies however.. not all the models have images attached to them. No one really wants to spend money on something they can't see before hand.

Models: I bought a mix of Anglo-Saxons and Normans, as well as their set of 3 resin bridges. All models were of a really good quality. Fantastic detail, especially compared to other 6mm and even against some 10mm. The models aren't all the same either, i.e. the Huscarls with Axes, there are 4 different models placed one in front of the other to make it easy to cut into individuals, instead of sholder to sholder strips, allowing you to make the unit that much more varied and unique, the basic troopers keep this shoudler to shoulder set up so you still get that bulk 'horde' army feel that makes GrandScale gaming so good. The models had very nice casts, with little/no flash.

Price: I had thought a little high, £5.50 per pack of inf, £6.50 for Cavalry and £2.75 for a Lord/Hero pack, but that is for 96 figures, and when they're 12 men to a 30x20 base, it's alot of very nice quality model for your money.

Delivery: Postage costs are 10% of the cost of the models, which seems to be the standard for alot of companies at the moment. The first lot I ordered had very quick delivery too, ordered thursday afternoon, and it was waiting for me at work on Moday.
However my most recent purchase did take a little longer to arrive, 2 packs of standard infantry, and the bridges, they took just over two weeks to arrive. But from experience smaller sellers don't have everything in stock at the point of purchase, and espcially resin, so i'm guessing he had to cast the bridges.

Communication: I was having some problems with my PayPal account when I tried to pay for my order first order, I emailed Peter and he was very helpful and polite, said to give him a ring, or put through a 'Dummy' order. Sorted. The only qualm I had communication wise, is that you're not informed of any updates in status of your order after the initial sale receipt. An email tell you that your order has been shipped would make a world of difference.

All in All: A decent company, quick turnaround and excellent help. Baccus have such a vast array of mini's covering a huge time frame I think i'll defintately be buying from again.
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