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Post  Ben Greenman on Sun Aug 21, 2011 10:14 am

Game Idea.
Have mentioned it before; but after a reading a TMP Thread about "Are there times when it's better for the Players NOT to know the rules" i've had a brainwave.
With very simple TGF or PHP programming we could create a unique game.

im thinking this:
Step 1. Players design and submit their Force list, chosen from Unit Archetypes, then upgrades purchases etc.
Then 2 print-offs are recieved: an Open List [for Opponents / non-secretive reference], and a Classified List [for the Player; with full details].

Step 2. with 1 computer or Smart Phone, the game is set up; by loading the army lists etc.

Step 3. play the game

#The Game is assisted by resolving combat, and tracking unit actions, ammo, etc.

#I'm thinking, i move Squad 101 7". You go wtf 7"?! I Input Sq101 as Running 7"; it gives me a fat Green Tick. [but it has register that i have run and cannot shoot, and maybe my defense is less].

#In your turn you select Squad 201, and Focus Fire on Sq101. You tell the Computer you are doing this; it takes everything into account, and reveals "2 Casualties. Suppressed.".

#In my next turn my MBT fires on your APC. I tell the Computer, and it comes up with "0 Damage. No effect". I'm all like wt33333f, because i don't know that youve design your APC's with Armour+1 squillion and 27 void shields.
All i know is that i didn't damage your APC!?!

Basically it removes the Mathammer from the game Shocked affording the Players with a more Desperate feeling!!
And allows me some Serious formulae afro



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Computer Assisted Wargame Empty Re: Computer Assisted Wargame

Post  CraigMB on Sun Aug 21, 2011 10:46 am

I think the desperate feeling is quite a cool thing to replicate.. much more 'war-like'.

I can imagine some gamers would find it quite frustrating not knowing what's going on/having a very limited impact on what's going on.
That's the kind of feeling you would expect as a Grunt, not as a commander who should have a greater view of the battlefield, you could try inhibiting/restricting the over view the commander has..

then again, many of the things you're describing already happen, i.e. in warhammer, you rock up with your empire general with his HA, GW and magic amulet, but until you actual get down to the nitty gritty of a fight with my Dwarf Lord you don't know thats he's wearing the uber-super dwarf armour with runes X, Y and Z.. you're only removing the dice rolling from the game..

I suppose the only way to really find out would be to play test, with an umpire being the 'Computer'

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