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Post  CraigMB on Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:43 am

If you'd like to contribute to this thread, and give us a review of a company and their products then just use the basic outline below so everyone can easily check on the individual aspects of the company.

Name: Company Name
Web Address: should be obvious..

Website: was it easy to use/navigate?

Models: Tell us which models you got, the quality of the sculpt and the quality of the cast.
Also, tell us which game would they be suitable for (if none tell us about them anyway, maybe we'll be inspired to make a game that they'll fit in!)
Price: Was the price cheap? reasonable? expensive?. How many do you get in pack?
Delivery: How good were they with delivery, ws it quick? well packaged? what was the delivery price like?
Communication: Did you contact the seller? were they polite/helpful? did they keep you up to date with your order?

Also, please don't hesitate to reply to another members post about a company/models, maybe you bought some different models from the same company, or you had a different experience with the company. The more we get on each company the better the picture we can build about them!

But PLEASE nothing obscene. If they were bad, tell us why? If they were good, tell us why?
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